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 I first got hooked on photography when I was a kid using a Poloriod Swinger camera. I bought my first 35 mm while I was in the army. I had no clue what I was doing with it but it sure was fun. My first published pics were in a local paper in Korea. I took them at a USO show of Miss America. The lab used my pics with out asking. I was mad but I did get a kick out of it.
 My obsession (thats what my daughter calls it) led me to learn all I could. I guess I am self taught. When I look at a photo I try to figure out how it was taken. I worked in a camera store for 3 years,which was like a kid in a candy store. I have owned and used many 35mm and med. format cameras. Now I am shooting digital.
 For several years I shot weddings and model portfolios. Now I just shoot what I want.

Photoshop has got me out of the darkroom forever. I did not know I could have so much fun with the lights on.


Shooting digital is never having to spend money on film   "WHOOPIE"